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SHAUNTAE - Mega Volume for a Bold and Luxurious Look - DIY Eyelash Extensions

SHAUNTAE - Mega Volume for a Bold and Luxurious Look - DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Product Description:

Unleash the power of dramatic elegance with SHAUNTAE D-curl Eyelashes, a true masterpiece in our collection for those who crave eye-catching drama. SHAUNTAE is your ally in achieving a look of unparalleled sophistication and intensity.

With a daring progression from 11mm to an extraordinary 14mm, maintaining this peak in length, our lightweight lashes create a bold statement. They are designed for the fearless, for those who are not afraid to embrace their most dramatic, luxurious selves.

Mirroring the essence of the MegaVolume technique found in high-end salons, these lashes bring the professional look home. SHAUNTAE is all about amplifying your natural beauty with a flair of extravagance, perfect for special events or any day you wish to make an unforgettable impression.

The application of our cc-curl lashes is as remarkable as their appearance. Engineered for ease, they allow you to transform your look in moments, ensuring that your statement eyes are not just a dream but a daily reality. These lashes promise to accompany you with their striking charm for 5-7 days.

While the set excludes eyelash glue and application tools, it includes one pair of SHAUNTAE lashes. Each time you wear them, prepare to step into a world where your eyes capture hearts and turn heads.

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