How to apply DIY lashes step by step

Effortless Beauty: Mastering the Technique of Putting DIY Lash Extensions on Yourself at Home




DIY Eyelash extensions have become a game-changer in the exciting world of beauty and self-care. The days of regularly visiting salons to get lash extensions are long gone. You can have that gorgeous, stunning eye appearance in minutes at home by using DIY lashes. This blog page is your all-inclusive manual for comprehending, using, and caring for DIY lash extensions.


Understanding DIY Lash Extensions

DIY lash extensions revolutionize at-home beauty. These extensions dramatically change your appearance by attaching artificial lashes with permanent glue. These extensions are beautiful since they are simple to use, last five to ten days on average, and are the ideal combination of portability and robustness. DIY lashes are perfect for anyone who wants to look their best with the least amount of work, whether they are students, working professionals, or anybody else.

The appeal of homemade lash extensions extends beyond their durability. Their versatility is one of their main advantages. You may sleep with these lashes on without worrying about them coming off or becoming unattractive. This entails having flawless lashes when you wake up every morning and being prepared to face the world with confidence and flair.


Preparation for Application

Before you plunge into the realm of DIY lash extensions, it's vital to understand the preparatory procedure. First, remove makeup and oil from your natural lashes. For the glue to function properly, this step is essential. To preserve hygiene, clean your hands and instruments afterwards. Always remember that applying DIY lashes demands concentration and accuracy, so allot a solid hour and work in a well-lit place.

The trick is to have the right tools. A decent-grade DIY adhesive, a package of dry lashes, a double-sided mirror, tiny scissors, lash curlers, and DIY tweezers are required. You must be able to see the bottom of your natural lashes; therefore, good lighting is crucial. A portable mirror set on a table will serve the same purpose without a double-sided mirror.


Step-by-Step Application Process


Let's now move on to the fun part: applying the eyelashes.

  • Curl Your Eyelashes: Start by curling your natural lashes using an eyelash curler. This facilitates the merging of the extensions with your lashes.
  • Prepare the Lash Segments: Beginning with the inner corner segments, arrange all your eyelash clusters so the lash band faces down for easy access.
  • Put Adhesive on the Lash Area: Using your applicator, pick up a lash section and coat it thickly with Adhesive.
  • Allow the Glue to Get Sticky: Give the segment 20 to 30 seconds to get tacky after applying the glue before connecting it to your lash line. This guarantees a more robust grip.
  • Put the Lash Segment in the Inner Corner: Attach the lash section to the inner corner. To view the top lash line clearly, keep your eye slightly open. Please ensure the initial lash does not contact the skin while placing it.
  • Place Segments Close Together: To prevent gaps and create a natural appearance, keep the lash segments close to one another—almost touching.
  • Cut Last Segment if Needed: To guarantee a proper fit, measure and cut the last segment of lashes before applying them.
  • Allow Glue to Dry: After positioning each section, give the glue five to seven minutes to fully dry.
  • Blend Lashes: Lightly moisten the tweezers and gently squeeze the cluster lashes and your natural lashes together. This step is crucial to getting a perfect and natural finish.
  • Repeat for the Second Eye: Use the same procedures to apply lashes to the second eye.

And just like that, in less than ten minutes, you have gorgeously long lashes!


Maintenance and Care

It's just as crucial to maintain your DIY lash extensions as it is to apply them. Avoid oil-based eye products to last 5-10 days. These could erode the glue and make the lashes come off too soon. Additionally, use gentleness while washing your face. Severe tugging or rubbing may cause the lashes to come loose.

The good news about these lashes is that they are made to endure everyday wear and tear, which includes a restful night's sleep. However, it should be avoided to avoid putting more strain on the lashes when sleeping. These easy guideline pointers will ensure that your homemade lashes look stunning and have a period of functionality.


One Stop DIY Lash Kit

We provide a comprehensive DIY lash kit on our part of business, which makes applying lashes simple and free from complications. This package includes everything you need, including the superior cluster lashes and all of its application equipment. Each item in the kit is handpicked to ensure it will work most efficiently and be easy to use. Buying this package implies investing not only in laser but also in lash application.

The remover is one thoughtful addition to the set. It makes removing the lashes easy and keeps natural ones in good health. Our kit is essential for someone looking to enhance their cosmetic lifestyle as it emphasizes the do-it-yourself element of lash extensions.


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