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PENELOPE - Lightweight Glamour for a Natural Radiance - DIY Eyelash Extensions

PENELOPE - Lightweight Glamour for a Natural Radiance - DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Product Description:

Unleash your inner goddess with the 10-13-11mm PENELOPE CC-curl lashes. These volume lashes are your ticket to a glamorous look that carries you effortlessly from sunrise to moonlit soirées, without any extra burden on your beautiful eyes.

Why choose PENELOPE? Because you deserve lashes that can dance through the day's challenges and still flutter flawlessly into the night. With a CC-curl that gently graduates from 10mm to a peak of 13mm before tapering to 11mm, these curly lashes are poetry in motion atop your eyes, adding just the right touch of volume without the drama.

Our PENELOPE set is the essence of your lash dreams, echoing the plush volume of professional extensions. They're your secret weapon for a look that's as airy as it is enchanting, lasting a full 5-7 days with a charm that won't falter.

Worried about the application? Don't be. It's a breeze with PENELOPE, and when it's time for a lash nap, they'll slip away just as easily with our gentle 'Remover MY SECRET'.

And here’s a little FYI: the lash glue and application tools aren’t included, giving you the freedom to pair PENELOPE with your go-to favorites. This set lovingly includes one pair of lightweight lashes, perfect for that upcoming special day or just because you're worth it.

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