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LEXIE - The Subtle Enhancer for Small Eyes - DIY Eyelash Extensions

LEXIE - The Subtle Enhancer for Small Eyes - DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Are you craving that natural yet alluring gaze without the over-the-top drama? Well, let me tell you about a little secret of mine: the LEXIE CC-curl 8-11-9 My Secret DIY Eyelashes. They'relike the best friend your small eyes ever had, the kind that whispers confidence with just the right amount of flair.

Imagine giving your gaze a subtle boost with lashes that celebrate the natural contour of your eyes. These natural-looklashes are your go-to for a doll-eye look that doesn't scream,"I'm wearing falsies!"Instead, they murmur a gentle "I woke up like this,"thanks to their discreet 8-11-8 mm length, just a tad beyond what nature gave you.

Here's the scoop: they're super easy to apply, even if you're not a pro (yet). And the best part? They'll be your loyal companion for a good 5-7 days. That's right, no daily fuss, just a long-lasting, captivating look.

Now, let's be real. The glue and application tools aren't included, but that's just an opportunity to choose your faves and get crafty. 

So, why LEXIE? Because sometimes, less is more. You don'tneed to go big to stand out. These long-lasting lashes are for those days when you want to be noticed for just... being you.


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