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JASMINE - Versatile Natural Flare for All Eyes - DIY Eyelash Extensions

JASMINE - Versatile Natural Flare for All Eyes - DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Discover the universal charm of JASMINE CC-curl Eyelashes, where versatility meets elegance. Tailored to enhance every eye shape, long-lasting lashes are your go-to for adding a touch of natural flare, perfect for every occasion and moment.

These CC-curl lashes stand out with their unique design that straddles between a classic flare and a round shape. This careful balance offers a natural extension of your own lashes, with an added boost of volume that feels both authentic and enchanting. It's a look that's not overly dramatic, but just enough to turn heads.

Inspired by the hybrid technique of professional eyelash extensions, Lightweight lashes provide a voluminous yet natural appearance. The progression of the CC-curl from 10mm to a subtle 12mm and back to 10mm creates a harmonious curve, complementing your natural beauty without overshadowing it.

These lashes are not only a vision of beauty but also a breeze to apply. Designed for up to 7 days of wear, they promise to be your steadfast companion through work meetings, weekend getaways, and everything in between.

While this set doesn't come with eyelash glue and application tools, it includes three  pairs of JASMINE lashes, meticulously crafted to ensure you're always ready to step out with confidence and style.

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