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EMMA - Subtle Enhancement for a Natural Look - DIY Eyelash Extensions

EMMA - Subtle Enhancement for a Natural Look - DIY Eyelash Extensions

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Product Description:

Introducing EMMA CC-curl Eyelashes, the epitome of subtle elegance for your everyday look. EMMA lashes are designed for those who cherish a more natural, understated style. They're like a gentle whisper, enhancing your eyes with just a hint of volume and length.

These lashes are your secret weapon for a look that's just a step above natural. With a delicate CC-curl that ranges from 8mm to 11mm and back to 8mm, CC-curl lashes add a soft, almost imperceptible lift to your natural lashes, creating an effect that's beautifully discreet yet distinct.

These everyday lashes are perfect for anyone seeking a minimalistic approach to beauty. Whether you're heading to the office, running errands, or enjoying a casual day out, these lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lash line, providing a slight enhancement without the drama.

Worry not about the application process, it's as simple as your style. These lashes are designed for easy application, ensuring that your beauty routine remains effortless. And with a lasting power of 5-7 days, you can enjoy your subtly enhanced look without constant touch-ups.

Please note, this set does not include eyelash glue and application tools, but it does come with one pair of EMMA long lasting lashes, perfect for those seeking a modest boost to their natural beauty.


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